New Year…New Page

   I love new year’s. They always bring a new start…and I always seem to need one of those. Maybe because of frustration or anger or just plain discouragement…I need one. So…I really look forward to January 1 of every single year.
   This past year found me making some changes. Some were huge. Most were huge. Some haven’t seen the light of day…but they will. Some things did not change. I want to share the list.
I am still human.
I am still part of a family
I still love my animals
I still love those close to me
I still love Jesus most of all
   We all take roads misunderstood by someone. The key is to be sure we understand. If we understand we will make it. Many people I care about are divided on issues that matter to me. I just need to focus on one thing. Am I doing what I am supposed to do? Past that I need not concern myself. That is true for all of us.
   I have fewer people in my inner circle this year. I have a straighter path. My road is easier to see. There are alot of bumps along the way. I see that. But never have we ever taken a road of value without pain being involved somehow. Suffering. Sacrifice. Strong decisions. That is the journey. We won’t all take it together. Sadly, some will stop before the trip really begins. They like the idea..but the road is too harsh. I like the idea as well. The road is harsh…but I find myself unable to veer from it. I must take it. I must see it to the end.
   May God guide each of us on this journey….to that place where we finally rest in Him.


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