Wisdom And Age …Sharing Our Time With Those Blessings We Overlook

   Lots of young faces….so quick with a computer…so short with answers and love. Young people who know so much and yet…have so few years logged in to this thing we call life. And there was me… more awkward for sure. Less adept at this conversation thing with these young people. Less quick on new computers. Not adjusted to operating within a school group. Yet having years of life under my belt and lessons learned that these young people have yet to even figure out they will need to learn. 

   It reminds me of the struggle we have in being patient with and understanding the elderly. We don’t give them the opportunity to really be a help the way we should. We don’t allow them to be people who honestly have value. And why? They are slower on the computer. They are more awkward in those youthful circles. They don’t know how to talk the language. But they have learned so much. 

   One of the dearest ladies to my heart is a seventy-three year old lady. She is deaf. She is also nursing the health of her eighty-six year old husband. His daily life is becoming more difficult. As a result…her life is changing as well. She has had many adventures. She loves to tell me about them. She is also good at listening and at ministering to hearts and at praying when you most need it. Her prayers will bring tears to your eyes. She would struggle on this campus I am now adjusting to. But she would have so much to offer. 

   Take the time to share some special moments with the elderly in your circle. Listen to them. They have much to offer and it makes them feel so special to be turned to and listened to. 



4 thoughts on “Wisdom And Age …Sharing Our Time With Those Blessings We Overlook

  1. Heidi Viars

    I am thinking about the courage it takes to go back to school! Praying you will not only gain new knowledge, but be able to share from your wisdom with those around you 🙂

    1. Kris Post author

      It is kinda scary at moments. Do you know how many times I tripped over my own feet? I get the award for clumsy. My mind nor words are either one as quick as those youngsters. I will need those prayers!

      1. Heidi Viars

        Sounds like your brain is on overload and taking away from your large motor skills 🙂 I will continue to pray … “Go, Kris, Go!” (I am cheering!!!!!!)

    2. Kris Post author

      for reasons I don’t know it decided your comment was spam. go figure. thank you. I appreciate all the support. It surely does help on long days. 🙂


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