Who’s Up For The Challenge? Surrendering …….

   It can be difficult to remember what’s important. This morning I was lamenting about lost opportunities…things that my flesh truly desires…things that aren’t unreasonable…..then I checked my news…and found this….. 


   I feel chastened for certain….but also….I wonder….during this season when we count our blessings…yet feel more depressed than any other time of year….how many others are struggling and need the message that something else matters more than the desires of our hearts….that maybe…those desires need to die….we need to surrender….we need to let the Father of Glory change those desires? I need it. I’m not writing from the perspective that sees only the clouds and struggles to see “those little people down there who need help”. Nope. I am in the mud. Needing the reminder. 

   It is like a spiritual kick in the pants…a much needed one I might add. Who am I to go pouting about like I deserve anything…I mean…really…. 

   My son is moving away in a few short weeks. My life is changing. All mothers feel this when their children begin leaving. I don’t need sweet words. Those don’t help me. But my son is not in a prison being tortured. I don’t have the home I want…and no…I don’t need to be told to count my blessings…it just irritates me. But…I met a homeless vet this past week. I don’t have even the basics of what I want…but I’m not homeless. 

    I fight with my weight and think surely there’s an end to this battle…but just Sunday I was reminded of a woman at church who is fighting cancer. 

    I don’t always like my husband…be honest…you’ve felt that too….and sometimes I wonder “what was I thinking”…..but then I heard the story of the husband who shot his wife…and mine is just a little dopey at times in what he thinks….yeah…wake up call there for sure. 

   You see….for all the things that we struggle with….that we don’t like…that embarrass us or infuriate us or make us question just how fair life is…there are people who are struggling worse than we can ever think about….our job is to settle this in our minds and work to build the self control in our thought life not to let the spirit of discontent to settle in. What ever it takes. What ever that means. We have to stop it. It’s dangerous. It wastes time. And remember…the children of Israel weren’t grateful. It was one of the things that angered the Lord the most. Real wake up call there. 

   I am not in charge of my life. I don’t know His plans…but I belong to Him and it is high time I stopped trying to run the show. It is high time I stopped trying to decide what is fair or what is good or buying in to this agenda which creates discontent in each and every one of us because it feeds the lust of our flesh. Saying no to those things and yes to more noble things is hard. I’m not gonna kid you. But I’m convinced the rewards on the other side are well worth the battle. 

    The priest always says….”Go in peace…glorifying God with your life”…..that’s my battle cry this morning….. who’s up for the challenge? 



2 thoughts on “Who’s Up For The Challenge? Surrendering …….

  1. Heidi Viars

    I am so up for that … and I will be taking that word for another year …
    I also have been in tears over the things our government is doing, ignoring the plight of Saeed and proceeding in making deals with those who hate us. … Let’s continue to pray … weep … stay close to the Lord. (I took a peek at the end of the book and found out God wins!!! :-))
    Love you tons, sis


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