Things More Noble….


Autumn is here…. we see the sights, sounds, aromas. Pumpkin has already been cooked and shared in various forms…be they breads, pies or rolls. We have enjoyed the colorful display of God’s creation…. we’ve breathed in a sigh of relief as the heat of summer as finally given way to the gentle Autumn breezes. We are at peace. Or… perhaps we struggle during this season. The process of nature gently beginning the season’s slumber gives us the sense of death…endings rather than beginnings…we feel sad…depressed…discouraged. This is a difficult season for many.


We have celebrated with friends and family. We have rejoiced as the new season has come in….now we begin to turn our hearts to things higher…perhaps more noble….we give thanks….



The Father has been so good to us this year. He has supplied our needs. We’ve been fed. We’ve been housed. We’ve been clothed. We’ve been able to see moments of joy. We have seen struggles…but we’ve seen His hand of mercy carry us through. For these things…for the provision of the harvest throughout the year…we give thanks.

025.jpg                                       For time spent with special friends in dear hide aways…



For every sunrise we saw…..every breeze we felt…


For every moment we spent with our kids….


For time with loved ones…..


Did we see the precious? Did we see even one moment when we could recognize God in something around us? Did we know His goodness? Were we breathing? Then yes…we knew His goodness. He has so much to offer us…and He doesn’t want us to think for a moment we can do it or gain it without His help…not because He is a tyrant..but because He has so much to offer us if we will just lift our hands to His…. our very hearts to Him….

In our neediness we recognize His goodness…we recognize the true reason for the season…. gratitude to the Father for His goodness to us….

IMG_20131031_174449            IMG_20131104_131050    .facebook_-1358131174             The Promise….The Blessing….The Harvest

To You, O great God and King…We give our worship and our praise. We do not breathe or feel the heartbeat beneath our chest even one day without Your power holding us….You are our provider and our great Love. We honor You this Thanksgiving season. We thank you for all Your great provision. We rest in Your care for the new year…….



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